Wedding Vows And Custom Coins

We know that if you will be given the chance to make one day as perfect as possible, it will be your big day – your wedding day – that day when you will make your vows, say “I do”, and completely surrender yourself to your loving spouse. It is that most special of all special days as it marks the start of your eternity as an inseparable couple.

Because this event is as big as it is, everything has to go perfectly. A lot of preparations have to be carefully planned and made. A thousand details have to be identified and thought of: from the venue (church, garden or by the sea), to the wedding dress (ball gown, mermaid or short), to the hair and makeup of the sponsors and entourage (braids or half-ups, etc.), to the food to be served (which wine, fish, meat and veggies), to the availability of a bridal car (and which model, if you’ve got the extra funds), to the songs and music to play (of course, those that will make everyone laugh and cry), to the invitations (boxed up, pop-up or laser cut), and to a whole lot more minute matters. To make things a little more complicated, everything has to be coordinated or tied together by some motif, color or inspiration.

Well, we can’t help you out with all of those things, but we certainly can deal with your giveaways.

Why not give your family, friends, loved ones, and guests, custom coins to keep?

Challenge CoinTrue, custom coins are not your typical wedding gifts. They originated from the military ranks almost a century ago, and were used initially as identification tools. They would bear the logo, symbol or emblem of a particular troop, and each member of the group shall be given a coin. The coins were their way of determining members from spies. Eventually, the coins were given away no longer as proof of membership, but as keepsakes for our armed brethren for their service. Now, custom coins are also given away to recognize employee achievements or outstanding performance, or to recognize important persons.

You may already know that in many marriage ceremonies, wedding coins are given as symbolic offerings by the groom to the bride, representing his eternal pledge of support and care. We believe that you can also give these as wedding gifts to serve as wonderful mementos of that special day for all attendees, especially the bride and the groom.

Here are some ideas for your wedding custom coins to make them as special as the love that binds you and your sweetheart:

1. Include both of your initials in it (ex. C & J).

That’s just two letters, but it would definitely be very simple and lovely. Choose a nice font, usually one with flairs and finials, for a romantic feel. You may keep the ampersand character, as it also adds an exquisite touch.

2. Add symbols that are meaningful to you and your spouse.

This could be anything, say, two checkered hearts if you both love chess; or a guitar and a pen, if one of you loves music, while the other one loves writing; etc. The symbols will be your emblem and will identify you into your marriage, just the way the old coins identified our armed forces with their respective battalions.

custom coins

3. Shade it true. Color it as you like, but, much better, color it in accordance with your theme and motif.

Say, if all your flowers and gowns and dresses come in shades of salmon, peach and light orange, as well as different shades of green, you should have your coin colored in orange and green.

4. Pick a meaningful shape for your coin.

Coins do not only come in circles, and we certainly can do any shape. Circles do symbolize infinity, so it may be a good pick, but if you guys prefer hearts, or tulips, or stars better, you can certainly choose those.

5. Lastly, add the date of your wedding.

challenge coinsThis reckons the start of your “Happily ever after”. It’s the day you made your commitment to walk down the path of life with a kindred soul. Time will soon pass, but your marriage, and your coin, will last. Twenty, thirty years from now, when you pick your wedding coin from your pocket, you will remember everything: the preparations, the wedding, and, most importantly, all the memories you shared with your loved one. This is something that no other gift can do: preserve memories in its simplest, purest and truest form.

Because custom coins are typically heavy, intricate and valued, they can actually be given for any occasion, such as anniversaries, debuts, or other special events. However, they will always be extra special for weddings – bearing images of love, friendship and commitment, symbolizing togetherness and oneness, and reminding everyone of the happiest of memories.

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Do your People Need Motivational Speaker Success?

Downtimes are normal

Business just doesn’t go perfectly day in and day out. Things can turn sour with the simplest mistakes – say, a printer access suddenly revoked and you have mountains of reports to print – and easily blow out of proportion with the proper mixture of complaints, retaliation, and escalations (to the department Vice-President, for example). Or, things could simply turn out bad for no apparent, acceptable or valid reason at all – as when the client, without any explanation, rejects your proposed marketing strategy for the nth time. These are unpleasant circumstances, that are, unfortunately, inevitable.

What makes things interesting is that these tough times have a way of snowballing and running down an entire unit or organization. The problems could begin with Operations but extend to Finance and Accounting, sooner or later dragging Human Resources and Legal into the picture. And, as mentioned, that these problems would happen again in the future can be reasonably expected. When the right combination of gravity and frequency makes the perfect disaster, you just have to remember that there’s a solution around.


When negativity shows its ugly head, all you need is positivity-incarnate. That’s where we come in, to give your people motivational-speaker-success, that kind of success, activity or achievement inspired by a, well, motivational speaker. The formula we follow is simple: speaker plus motivation equals success.

Why and how this works could be better appreciated by understanding the various ways through which inspiration, one of the keys to success, is attained.

Getting inspired

With respect to its source, inspiration can be found either from the individual himself/herself or from another person.Motivation

The former is also known as self-motivation, where the individual finds his/her inspiration and motivation through his/her own actions and efforts. He or she may find the sacred flames from sources that are internal (through meditations, ponderings and reflections) or external (by conducting one’s own research, reading inspirational books, watching clips, etc.).

The latter, on the other hand, may be further classified based on the relationship between the individual and the source of inspiration, to wit: close or distant. Inspiration comes from a close source if the individual gets the same from a family member, or a best friend, or a really special person, all of whom the person values and treasures. He or she sees, hears, and believes them. If the source comes from a stranger, say, a favorite athlete not known to the individual personally, or a motivational speaker, then we say that the source is a distant one.

Why would people need to get inspiration from another?

The best motivational tool differs from person to person. It depends on the type of individual to be inspired. Some would want to do things all on their own, while some would prefer getting a little help.

Motivational speakers are needed to achieve motivational-speaker-success for people who get inspired by other people either because (1) they can’t find inspiration or motivation on their own, or (2) they can’t find inspiration from the persons around them.

Signs that a motivational speaker is needed

It would most likely be impossible for you to determine the individual personality of all of your employees for purposes of determining whether or not they need third-party inspiration. However, chances are, motivational-speaker-success is what they need if they exhibit the following:

1. Consistently poor performance
2. They exceed their break times and/or go under-time
3. They won’t tell you the problem
4. They won’t listen to you

Our motivational speakers will squarely address all these concerns. The absence of an employment relationship between them and their speaker would not discourage them from speaking with the latter during audience participation activities. Although most probably your employees will not voice out their challenges and problems to the speaker, they would nevertheless listen to everything the speaker would say – if that is the case, and if he or she is a good researcher and speaker, he or she would have hit and addressed the problem.

On top of all of that, our motivational speakers just have a way of making people laugh, putting them at ease, and getting everyone inspired to take the course of action you want them to take.

Yes, again, downtimes are normal; so should be inspiration – you just need someone to help you out sometimes, and you can get that just by visiting our site, trying to get in touch with us and avail of our services.


The Right Golf Drivers To Include In The Golf Bag

Playing golf is all about techniques, good swing and hitting the ball right. It also involves the use of the right clubs to play better. Thus, selecting the best clubs such as golf drivers for your golf bag improves your play significantly. In this article, we concentrate on the discussion of driver selection. We gather some of the important factors from professional players when buying drivers for the first time. Selecting a driver is not about how it looks when you hold or swing it. It is not about how costly these drivers are, although excellent quality drivers cost more than ordinary ones.

The Right Loft

What is a club loft? A club loft refers to the angle of the club head as it connects to the shaft. In other words, it is the distance between the shaft and club head, measured in degrees angle. The loft in a driver is around 7 to 12 degrees. This measurement is not a standard set. Manufacturers can produce golf drivers that may exceed the maximum or are below the minimum.

GolfSelecting the right loft for your driver depends on many other factors. These factors include the carry versus roll concept, your swing speed, ball spin and the launch angle. In golf, the distance the ball can travel after hitting it with the club is important. In carry concept, a driver with higher loft results to a higher trajectory and a longer distance after hitting the ball. Upon landing, the ball is less likely to roll.

On the other hand, in roll concept, a driver with less loft results to a lower trajectory and decreased carry distance. However, the impact of the landing creates a rolling distance to the ball. Rolling is quite beneficial during a good weather but is disadvantageous during a raining weather.

Consider also your swing speed, hitting power and your handicap in playing golf.

The Sweet Spot

Golf drivers have different “sweet spots”. A driver has a wider sweet spot when you can constantly hit the ball in the center of the club head and make it travel a greater distance than you expected, despite a slow swing and handicapped. In other words, the chances of missing hits with the ball are lesser due to the “wider” sweet spot. This forgiving property of a driver is thanks to the concept of inertia.

As manufacturers of golf clubs, we try to come up with a newer concept and develop our current technology. To increase the sweet spot of a driver, we distribute the weight of the club head away from the center. By doing this, we can change the moment of inertia applied once you hit the ball. Even if your hit is off-center, you can drive the ball out of the tee to the green.

The Shaft Length

Some expert pieces of advice would say that shaft length is not important in choosing the right drivers for your golf bag. We say it is equally essential as choosing the right loft for you. The appropriate length of your golf club’s shaft decreases the pressure on your swing.

Callaway golfWith the proper length, you are not bending too much or are standing too straight while swinging. A long golf shaft pushes you to be too far from the ball, which may affect your swing. A short golf shaft forces you to bend too much, placing pressures on your knees, shoulders and arms. This uncomfortable stance may put your bones and muscle health at risk. Although a one-time play of uncomfortable play does not have any effect on you, the long term will have an effect on your overall bone health.

To determine the perfect length of your golf drivers, try swinging one with an actual ball. Provided you have a good swing power and position, you should not feel any uncomfortable pressures on your shoulders and knees while swinging. If you do, have the length customized according to your height.

A driver is important in any golf game. You use it at the starting point, where you close the distance between the teeing ground and the putting green. Thus, you should choose a driver that has a forgiving club head so you could hit the ball more often, especially if you are a beginner in golf. Choose a driver with the correct loft. At least, place two kinds of golf drivers in your golf bag. One driver should provide you with more carrying power and one that can give you more “rolling” distance. You do not have to use the two in one game. Use the driver with carrying power during bad weather and the “rolling” driver during a more pleasant day.


Why Buy Homes For Sale Garden City, NY?

Garden City, New York is probably one of the earliest planned settlements in the country, and since its creation, it has been one of the most affluent communities in the USA. This “city” is actually a middle-sized town made up of six villages, which are home to about 22,000 people.

If you have made quite a fortune from your job and you are looking for an upscale community to raise a family, Garden City could be a fine location for a new home. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in homes for sale Garden City, NY.

Great Location

One of the strengths of Garden City is that everything you could need is within a mile’s radius. The abundance of local amenities, such as groceries, malls, and restaurants, allows for a convenient lifestyle. Apart from establishments, public transit is also very accessible in the villages.

Great Location

Safe Community

For those who plan to relocate in places that are considered safe for their families, Garden City could be quite a pleasure for them. Garden City’s crime rate is much lower compared to the rest of New York and the country. The community boasts of 28% lower crimes than New York, and violent crimes are quite rare in the area, with the rate of 68% lower than New York.

Great for Those with White-Collar Jobs

Among the factors that make homes for sale Garden City, NY highly favorable is the high median household income found in the community. For a small population, the community makes $139,956, which is 95% higher than the rest of New York. The community can also be easily perceived as dominantly white-collar, as 95.09% of the employed individuals living here are in the industry. Major occupations of inhabitants are working in administrative support, mathematics and IT technology, management, and sales.

As majority of residents in Garden City are college graduates, those who finished higher education tend to feel welcome in the community. If you are looking to belong to a community full of “urban sophisticates,” or you are looking to have neighbors that earn as much as you do, you might blend in the Garden City scene.

Great for Families

HomesBuying homes for sale in Garden City, New York is great for families who are looking to raise their kids in a lively town with great public education policies. Not only is the Garden City community safe, it also has strong leanings to promote great education policies. Apart from the abundance of accessible public and private schools, the presence of many college graduates in Garden City also creates as atmosphere conducive to children to excel in academics.

The number of recreational activities and parks in the area also promotes strong community bond and it fosters great social ties with other families.

Great Properties

real estateThe value of real estate properties in Garden City had historically remained to be among the most expensive in the country. The meridian value of homes for sale Garden City, NY is about 153% higher than the rest of New York, and the rental rates are 193.3% higher than the rest of the State. However, most of those who reside here occupy homes that they have purchased.

Why buy homes for sale Garden City, NY?, it gives you a nifty high-price investment, and if you do not want to resell it, it is a great town to live in.


Defending your property

You know quite well how important it is to buy a property, especially when your family’s involved. So, you’ve made sure that everything will go smoothly and no problems will arise in the future. But, what if you’ve suddenly received a foreclosure order, requiring you to surrender your home to a financial institution? Do you still have an option to fight for your home? The answer is yes, depending on the merits of the order sent by the court.

propertyTo properly asses your situation, you should immediately hire a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to settle the problem legally. To hasten the process of pinpointing the problem you are facing, you must at least have a clue as to what could be the cause of the order you’ve received in the first place. Using the list below as reference, you’ll have an idea on what you and your attorney can use to fend off the attempt to take away your property.

  • Unsettled payment deadline for your home’s mortgage – your Long Island foreclosure defense attorney must know whether you’ve missed the due date of paying your mortgage accidentally or willingly. That’s because most of the time, this is a problem that can be amicably settled outside the court. Of course, such an arrangement will most likely be less costly compared to an actual legal battle.
  • A misunderstood part of the mortgage contract you’ve signed – you should immediately let your lawyer know of your understanding of the contract’s contents. Problems that stem from a lack of proper understanding are among the many mortgage dilemmas that can seriously affect the way the court may decide, especially when it comes to the validity of your claim to the property. If you have a skilled lawyer and you did have problems understanding the terms and conditions of your contract, it’s likely that you’ll end up the victor.
  • One or more terms on the contract that you knowingly never followed – if the court issued an order to confiscate your property because of negligence, you need to give a proper justification why you weren’t able to pay up. A good Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer can do wonders in settling this problem, as long as you inform him of your negligence early on. While seemingly a dramatic move, revealing such a vital piece of information while the legal battle is already ongoing might just lower your chances of winning the case.
  • Experiencing a financial crunch – if you are a businessman who’s currently having a great deal of difficulty making money, you can opt to file for financial bankruptcy to buy time in settling your mortgage payment deficiencies. Besides, there’s a law that protects business owners from having their assets taken away during the most financially challenging times; if your attorney’s experienced, don’t be surprised if he tries to use this to keep your home safe from an immediate takeover.
  • Incorrect information in the contract you’ve signed – putting incorrect details in contracts is a scamming method that traps people like you into entering a mortgage deal that could lead to financial ruin, eventually resulting to foreclosure cases. Long Island foreclosure defense lawyers can identify if you’re a victim of such a fraudulent act after you tell them everything you know about the terms of the contract. Truth be told, solving this kind of problem is usually effortless for seasoned attorneys.

All in all, once you manage to find a lawyer who’s willing to represent you in court, don’t hesitate to communicate – tell him about your dilemma as honestly and as thoroughly as possible.