Defending your property

You know quite well how important it is to buy a property, especially when your family’s involved. So, you’ve made sure that everything will go smoothly and no problems will arise in the future. But, what if you’ve suddenly received a foreclosure order, requiring you to surrender your home to a financial institution? Do you still have an option to fight for your home? The answer is yes, depending on the merits of the order sent by the court.

propertyTo properly asses your situation, you should immediately hire a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to settle the problem legally. To hasten the process of pinpointing the problem you are facing, you must at least have a clue as to what could be the cause of the order you’ve received in the first place. Using the list below as reference, you’ll have an idea on what you and your attorney can use to fend off the attempt to take away your property.

  • Unsettled payment deadline for your home’s mortgage – your Long Island foreclosure defense attorney must know whether you’ve missed the due date of paying your mortgage accidentally or willingly. That’s because most of the time, this is a problem that can be amicably settled outside the court. Of course, such an arrangement will most likely be less costly compared to an actual legal battle.
  • A misunderstood part of the mortgage contract you’ve signed – you should immediately let your lawyer know of your understanding of the contract’s contents. Problems that stem from a lack of proper understanding are among the many mortgage dilemmas that can seriously affect the way the court may decide, especially when it comes to the validity of your claim to the property. If you have a skilled lawyer and you did have problems understanding the terms and conditions of your contract, it’s likely that you’ll end up the victor.
  • One or more terms on the contract that you knowingly never followed – if the court issued an order to confiscate your property because of negligence, you need to give a proper justification why you weren’t able to pay up. A good Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer can do wonders in settling this problem, as long as you inform him of your negligence early on. While seemingly a dramatic move, revealing such a vital piece of information while the legal battle is already ongoing might just lower your chances of winning the case.
  • Experiencing a financial crunch – if you are a businessman who’s currently having a great deal of difficulty making money, you can opt to file for financial bankruptcy to buy time in settling your mortgage payment deficiencies. Besides, there’s a law that protects business owners from having their assets taken away during the most financially challenging times; if your attorney’s experienced, don’t be surprised if he tries to use this to keep your home safe from an immediate takeover.
  • Incorrect information in the contract you’ve signed – putting incorrect details in contracts is a scamming method that traps people like you into entering a mortgage deal that could lead to financial ruin, eventually resulting to foreclosure cases. Long Island foreclosure defense lawyers can identify if you’re a victim of such a fraudulent act after you tell them everything you know about the terms of the contract. Truth be told, solving this kind of problem is usually effortless for seasoned attorneys.

All in all, once you manage to find a lawyer who’s willing to represent you in court, don’t hesitate to communicate – tell him about your dilemma as honestly and as thoroughly as possible.