Livestrong Rubber Wristbands: Behind the Foundation that Made it Popular

Rubber-wristbandsRubber wristbands have been around for years. It started as a pop-funk item during the 1970s. Back then, these bracelets were colored black as an anti-jewelry sentiment. However, it only became popular during the 1980s when celebrities wore silicone wristbands in different colors. Since then, the fad kept coming and going, and so did its different types.

Today, rubber bracelets are back and are even more popular than ever before. This is all thanks to Lance Armstrong and his “Livestrong” bracelets.

What is Livestrong?

Livestrong is a cancer research foundation which is formerly known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It is a non-profit organization founded by Lance Armstrong, a known cyclist and a cancer survivor. The foundation aims to inspire and encourage families and cancer survivors. It also aims to those who are going through the illness.

How did the Livestrong Bracelets support cancer research?

The Livestrong rubber wristbands came after Lance Armstrong teamed up with Nike. Nike started producing these yellow wristbands on May 2004 and sold it in their stores. The proceeds are used to fund researches on cancer patients and survivors. These are focused in finding solutions to help improve cancer patients’ recovery. It was also used to help cancer survivors bring their life back to normal after the illness.

To make their mission possible, the research was focused at reviewing the experiences of cancer patients and those who survived. They used these to provide help to both the patients and their families. They also explore other means to help them out. One of these is by collaborating with certain organizations to help promote their cause.

How are Livestrong Bracelets today?

After Livestrong bracelets became popular, the Livestrong Foundation started selling other sports items. It became a hit especially as more people started supporting the foundation’s mission. They were inspired by the survival story of Armstrong and how he founded Livestrong. However, Livestrong recently faced a challenge that shook it. This happened after Lance Armstrong admitted he used steroids before his competitions. This stripped him of his 7th Tour de France title and the decrease of Livestrong items’ sales. It even cost them the support of certain sports item brands like Dick Sporting Good, especially Nike who helped raised around $500 million dollars since its partnership with Armstrong started.

Lance Armstrong decided to relieve himself of his duty as chairman to give the foundation a chance to rise up. Today, it continues to sell sporting items to help raise awareness and fund their cause. One of their top items is still the Livestrong bracelet.

How did Livestrong Affected the Companies and Organizations’ Campaigns?

Livestrong bracelets are the most popular sporting item until now. It is associated with a cause many are willing to fight against. While it continues to support cancer awareness and research activities, it also inspired companies and organizations to use rubber wristbands for their own campaigns.

More companies and organizations started using rubber wristbands in their campaigns after the Livestrong bracelets’ success. Compared to traditional promotions, these are cheaper and effective. It can be worn by almost anybody.

There are many manufacturers who can produce customized wristband. They offer these in different colors and even different types of prints. You can even select from the different types of plastics used.

Other than giveaways and fund raising items, these bracelets are also used in events to help identify participants. Others use these to show their support for the band they like during concerts.

Using rubber wristbands has expanded since the Livestrong bracelets were released. Today, it has become more popular and has taken different forms to fit different age groups and markets.